SAW Resonator, SAW Filter, RF Module Manufacturer in China

Shoulder Electronics Limited is a high-tech SAW device manufacturer located in Wuxi, China, near TaiHu Lake and Xi Hui Piedmont. We specialize in the development, production, and distribution of a wide assortment of products including our SAW filter, SAW resonator, WiFi module, and more. Our fine ASK RF receiver module, ASK wireless transmitter module, FSK transceiver module, and other products are widely used throughout a variety of industries such as automotive electronics, home automation and security, and the multimedia and communications industries. Typical applications for our TCXO, wireless USB adapter, 300M dual band wireless card, PICO repeater, etc., include keyless entry devices, garage door openers, alarm systems, walkie-talkies, wireless microphones, and wireless meter reading systems.

  • SAW Filter
  • SAW FilterIn RF system, SAW filter is used for RF and IF circuits to remove unwanted frequency components from the signal and enhance wanted ones, performing signal processing function. By inhibiting all kinds of harmonic waves, it can assist the products in passing various certification tests. Main applications of SAW filter include walkie-talkie, wireless microphones, wireless meter reading systems, GPS, PKE, communications ...
  • SAW Resonator
  • SAW ResonatorThe SAW resonator is an electronic element that exhibits resonance or resonant behavior. In RF wireless remote control system, it is used as a frequency control element in the transmitting and receiving oscillating circuits. SAW resonator is typically required in applications such as automotive PKE, RKE, smart home systems, garage door openers, etc.
  • RF Module
  • RF ModuleOur RF module is easy to use, which can realize wireless signal input to data signal output without any external circuit. It also offers such great features as good low temperature performance, low power consumption, simple port connection, strong anti-interference ability, stable data output, received signal strength indication, and so on. Currently RF module is widely used for wireless control and monitoring applications for garage door ...
  • TCXO
  • TCXOThe SMD VCTCXO comes with 3.2 ⅹ 2.5 mm² size. The ETXD32 series with voltage control option employs an analogue IC for the oscillator and temperature compensation, the crystal mounted on top of the ceramic is IC carrier. The SMD VCTCXO is extensively used in GPS, GPS Module, Cellular Phone (CDMA&WCDMA) and Broadband Access applications.
  • Crystal Resonator
  • Crystal ResonatorQuartz crystal, or just known as crystal, is an important piezoelectric material. Its constituent atoms or molecules are packed in a regularly ordered, repeating pattern. Externally, this is reflected by the symmetry of the shape. Under the function of an electric field, the crystal will generate stress internally and be distorted, and then produce mechanical vibration to obtain a specific frequency. The crystal resonator is made using this inverse ...
  • WiFi Module
  • WiFi ModuleWiFi module is a highly integrated wireless local area network(WLAN) with PH connector to let users enjoy the digital content through the latest wireless technology, without using extra cable and wire. Due to its high performance, low cost, low power and small size, WiFi module is sure to meet users' needs.
  • PICO Repeater
  • PICO RepeaterPICO repeater can wirelessly transmit and magnify the uplink and downlink signals of base station, which can greatly extend coverage and help eliminate blind spots. It is a high gain repeater that can effectively magnify in-band carrier frequency signal and filter out other extraneous signals, thus avoiding interference and improving voice quality. PICO repeater is especially suitable for dance halls and other densely populated places.

The high quality of each SAW device is a direct result of our attention to detail and quality. We continually evaluate our suppliers and carefully inspect their products to ensure that only quality materials are used in the production of our SAW filter, SAW resonator, and ASK RF receiver module devices. Moreover, the production of our quality SAW equipment requires a highly sanitary environment. Therefore, we at Shoulder use completely sealed central air conditioning and efficient air filtration and purification technology. As a result of this sterile environment, the air cleanliness of our chip workshop exceeds Class 1000 standards, and our encapsulation workshop meets Class 10000 standards. Furthermore, the innovation of our SAW devices is due to our knowledgeable staff, as well as our cooperation with renowned domestic colleges and academies. We at Shoulder have a strong research and development team, and the majority of our staff members have a wealth of knowledge in this field. This experienced team provides training for new employees, which also contributes to the high qualification rate of our SAW filter, SAW resonator, ASK RF receiver module, and other devices. The dedication of our staff and the attention to quality are just two of the reasons why we at Shoulder hold many technical patents and software copyrights for our SAW products. We have been awarded the certificate of High Technology Enterprise by the state government as well.

Cost control is an important factor here at Shoulder. We work diligently to keep costs down for our customers so we can offer the most economical prices. One way we accomplish this is by purchasing our raw materials in bulk quantities. Mass production enables us to reduce our acquisition and production costs. In addition, nearly all of our production procedures are automated. This greatly improves our production efficiency while reducing our labor cost. We then pass this savings on to our customers and thus, are able to offer our SAW wireless USB adapter, 300M dual band wireless card, and PICO repeater at economical prices.

Comprehensive customer service is also a priority at Shoulder. To ensure that our clients have a thorough understanding of our SAW devices before purchasing, we provide detailed information about the product performance and other related information, such as lead time, payment, terms, and so on. Upon request, we will provide complimentary samples to our customers for testing, for just the cost of shipping. In addition, if a quality problem should arise, we offer replacement or return service for our clients.

Due to the high quality of our products, our economical prices, and our considerate customer service, SAW products are used by many well known companies such as Samsung, Thomson, Panasonic, LG, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, Haier, Changhong, and TCL, to name a few.