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The SMD VCTCXO comes with 3.2 ⅹ 2.5 mm² size. The ETXD32 series with voltage control option employs an analogue IC for the oscillator and temperature compensation, the crystal mounted on top of the ceramic is IC carrier. The SMD VCTCXO is extensively used in GPS, GPS Module, Cellular Phone (CDMA&WCDMA) and Broadband Access applications.

Electrical Specifications of SMD VCTCXO
Parameters Electrical Specifications
Frequency (Fo) ref: 25℃ 6.4000-38.4000 MHz
Frequency Stability Vs. Temperature Range --2.5   +2.5 ppm
Vs. Supply Voltage (±5%) --0.3   +0.3 ppm
Vs. Load (±5%) --0.3   +0.3 ppm
Vs. Aging (at 25℃ ) --1.0   +1.0 ppm/year
Frequency Tolerance at 25℃ --1.5   +1.0 ppm
Operating Temperature Range -40   85
Storage Temperature Range -40   90
Supply Voltage +2.5 3.0 +3.4   VDC
Current Consumption 1.5   2.0 mA
Output Voltage Level 0.8     Vp-p
Output Waveform Clipped Sine  
Output Load 10k Ω //10pF  
Start-up Time (90% of Vp-p)     3.0 mS
Phase Noise 10Hz Carrier Offset  
-86 dBc/Hz
100Hz Carrier Offset  
-110 dBc/Hz
1KHz Carrier Offset  
-130 dBc/Hz
10KHz Carrier Offset  
-144 dBc/Hz
100KHz Carrier Offset

-144 dBc/Hz

Dimension of SMD VCTCXO (mm)

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