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Crystal Resonator

Quartz crystal, or just known as crystal, is an important piezoelectric material. Its constituent atoms or molecules are packed in a regularly ordered, repeating pattern. Externally, this is reflected by the symmetry of the shape. Under the function of an electric field, the crystal will generate stress internally and be distorted, and then produce mechanical vibration to obtain a specific frequency. The crystal resonator is made using this inverse piezoelectric effect. As quartz has natural high Q factor, the crystal resonator can maintain high precision and frequency stability within the whole temperature range and voltage range.

MODEL NO: 49S-SMD-3.579545MHz~48.000MHz

Specifications of Crystal Resonator
Frequency Range 3.579545MHz~48.000MHz
Load Capacitance 8pf~32pf
Frequency Tolerance at 25 ℃ ± 50PPM MAX( ± 5ppm, ± 10ppm, ± 30ppm Available)
Frequency Stability ± 50PPM MAX( ± 5ppm, ± 10ppm, ± 30ppm Available)
Operating Temperature Range –10 TO +60 ℃ Standard,-40 ℃ ~+85 ℃ Extended
Storage Temperature Range –40 TO +85 ℃
Equivalence Series Resistance (ESR) See ESR table
Drive Level 0.01uw~100 uw
Shunt Capacitance 4PF Max
Aging –/+3PPM per year
ESR Table for Crystal Resonator
Overtone Frequency Range (MHz) Equivalent Series Resistance (Ω)
Fundamental 3.5 ~ 4.0 150 max
4.0 ~ 8.0 120 max
8.0 ~ 12.0 60 max
12.0 ~ 27.0 40 max
3rd overtone 26.0 ~ 35.0 140 max
35.0 ~ 50.0 100 max

Dimensions of Crystal Resonator

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